Found Poetry by Boriel

Poem of Faramir and Frodo

"You grieve to learn that Boromir is dead?"

"Dead?" he said, "how then did he die?
He was alive and strong when we parted."
(He had hardly saved the ring from Boromir)
"You did not part in friendship"
"Yes, I was his friend,for my part"
(Vividly came the memory of Boromir's assault)
What was in his heart and thought
in his latest hours? I long to know."
(memory of the changes to Boromir was present)
"He died achieving some good thing.
His face more beautiful even than in life."
(Isildur's bane was a cause of contention)
"There is no comfort in our speech together."
"Will you not let me go? I am
weary and afraid, and full of grief."

(taken from Eomer's meeting with Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli:)

Tell me, lord, what brings you here?
But they are only people in old songs.
Do we walk in legends or in daylight?
A man may do both.

These are indeed strange days:
none may now live as they have lived.
Few shall keep what they call their own:
open war lies before.
What was the meaning of the dark words?

What doom do you bring? The doom of choice.
Will you aid me or twart me?
Choose swiftly!

I am in great need.


a found poem taken from strider and gimli and legolas tracking merry and pippin after finding the burning pile of orcs in rohan.

"I cannot read the riddle."
"That would not baffle a ranger", Gimli said.
"A bent blade is enough for Aragorn to read."
"So I thought, but there is little hope.
The horsemen of Rohan did their work too well."

"Here at last we find news.
Here is a mallorn leaf, and see,
pieces of cut cord lying nearby!"
"And here is the knife that cut them,
it was an orc-weapon."

"My very bones are chilled."
"There was blood spilled here,
but on this we may count,
one at least of our friends escaped."
"Then let us go to the forest."

found poem of fellowship and the wolves on caradhras

How the wind howls! The wolf that one hears
is worse than the orc that one fears.
The hunt is up! "True,
but where the warg howls,
there also the orc prowls,"
said Aragorn, loosening his sword.

"I am no good after all,
these howls freeze my blood."
How far is Moria?
"Twenty miles as the wolf runs,
if we live to see the dawn."

Round the fire they sat and dozed uneasily.
The howling of wolves was all around.
In the dead of night,
many shining eyes were seen.

for dandy - forbidden pool found poem 

Frodo stood on the high stone,
a shiver ran through him. Why was
he brought here out of forgetful sleep.

'I have posted other archers on either bank.
I have my bow here, shall we shoot?'
'No!' said Frodo, 'I beg you not to.'
'Tell me why it should be spared,
your gangrel companion?'
'He is bound up with my errand.
He bore it himself, it is precious to him.'

Faramir and Frodo looked down far below them;
the waters swirl darkly about a deep basin.
It dived and vanished, a small dark thing. 

The Cross-Roads

They stood in a great roofless ring,
open in the middle to the sombre sky
the spaces between the boles like
great dark arches of some ruined hall.

Behind them lay the road to Morannon.
before them it ran out again south,
to their right old Osgiliath and sad Gondor,
and passing eastward, the road to take.

Standing there filled with dread Frodo saw it,
a light glowing on Sam's face beside him.
The sun was sinking in the west,
falling in an ominous fire towards the sea.

The brief glow fell upon a huge sitting figure,
still and solumn as the great kings of Argonath.
Years had gnawed it, violent hands maimed it
- it's head was gone, lying by the roadside.

Caught suddenly by the level beams, Frodo cried,
"Look! The king has got a crown again!"
The eyes were hollow and the beard broken,
but about the stern forehead,
was a coronal of silver and gold.

"They cannot conquer for ever!" said Frodo
and then the glimpse was gone.

'There is always hope'  this poem was 'found' in 'breaking of the fellowship' when frodo has the ring on to escape from Boromir. This is what he sees. (the second last line is not exactly from the text, but it is one of my most favorite lines from the movie so i used it)

Everywhere he looked he saw signs of war.
Orcs were issuing out of a thousand holes,
the land of Beornings was aflame, smoke on
the borders of Lórien, a cloud over Moria.

Horsemen were galloping on the grass of Rohan,
wolves poured out from Isengard.
From Harad, ships of war put out to sea
and out of the east, men moved endlessly.
The power of the Dark Lord was in motion.

Then turning south, he beheld Minas Tirith.
Far away, and beautiful it seemed.
White-walled, many-towered,
proud and fair upon it's mountain seat.
It's banners caught high in the morning breeze.
Hope leapt in his heart.

- Boriel