For the Balrog

the legends tell
of an ancient creature,
who's fiery breath,
was it's main feature.

"there are fouler things
than orcs afoot",
said Gandalf,
as they chose their route.

It was awakened
by the nine,
as they travelled
through moria's mine.

It left the depths
of it's pit,
and with the wizard,
battled wits.

On the bridge
of Khazad-dum,
it's fate was sealed,
it fell to doom.

As it fell
it snared it's foe;
they fell together
causing woe.

Boromir carried
Frodo away.
as he tried
to enter the fray.

Strider stood among arrows,
and chanced being hit,
until Boromir's voice
brought him out of it.

Legolas was shaken
to his soul.
His grief for Gandalf
he could not show.

Merry held Pippin,
such grief unknown.
Boromir held Gimli,
while Gimli moaned.

Sam sat alone
his head in his hand,
his heart was broken
in this harsh land.

Frodo wandered off
quietly grieving,
while Strider set to gather
them all for leaving.

If only they
could know the future
That Gandalf returns
after battling the creature.

- boriel