An i Aran / For the King

An i Aran

Berior nín, Hír nín,
bellas nín ned ú-valan nín,
Tog nín ed uin mor
a na Galad.

Beleg vi Balan lín
a Taur a thírad.
Belen Udun pan
girir vi darthad lin.

Aphadon lín na nguruth
an cenich vanadh nín.
Ech duir e-mahalf,
i Aran dir.

For the King

My protector, my Lord
my strength in my weakness.
You lead me out of darkness
and into the light.

You are mighty in your Power
and Terrible to behold.
All the powers of evil
quake in your presence.

I follow you unto Death
for you command my destiny.
You are heir to the throne,
the rightful King.
- boriel