Secret Valley

Secret valley, Songs unheard
Not a sound of beast or bird,
For someone enters not yet known,
Thinking to make this land his own.
What he discovers no one knows,
Except for the others: except for those
Who thought the stories, so did he,
Were silly, childish, fantasy.
When they peered out their back door,
What they saw was so much more -
A path that climbs up to the cliffs,
And then descends into a rift.
No one knows what lies behind,
No one knows what they will find;
Surprising them, it proves them wrong.
Not a thing that will hurt them long;
For it follows them for all their days.
They now believe in the olden ways,
Of Elves and Dwarves and Hobbits too.
Though I don’t expect to surprise you,
The name of this valley I will tell:
Whisper soft; name Rivendell.

- Bluebell