A Hobbit's Musings Concerning Meals

I munch
a lunch,
Ah,what bliss!
for I have missed
second breakfast.
As anyone knows
I’m a hobbit
to my toes
unless I run
out of luck fast
I’m as happy
As can be
And soon
As you’ll see
I like
This rhyming
If you wish
I’ll make
You a dish
So tasty
That it
Doesn’t matter
Hobbits are good
But they eat
All your food
A neighbor
A friend
Or some other.
When the pantry
Is bare
I’ll cry
And I’ll wail
Though I know
There’s still food
In the cupboard
Well that’s me
You see
And I’d
Until tea
But I need
To start
This sandwich
Here I munch
a lunch
Ah, what bliss!
For I missed
Second breakfast.

- Bluebell