Like a Dream

Awaking to a grey-blue morning.
Skies unshowing up above
But over yonder on horizon
Sunlight colors break with love.
Proudly arching in the morning
Glowing like a star in evening
Yet when clouds again pass through
Sunlight dims and rainbows fade away
Like a dream.

Standing under silver birch-leaves
Gazing over silken seas
Moonlit waves brush over beaches
Hushing birds who flit through trees.
Starlight gleaming on the water
Gentle is the ocean laughter
Yet with cold winds of the North
Wave crests rising wash the peace away
Like a dream.

Crystal light peeps through the pine trees
Sky is tipped with fiery gold
And with the sun the world is resting
Although I see sunset unfold.
Sun sinks down behind the mountains
Leaving in its wake a fountain.
Yet the color burning bright
Night replaces gleam of fading day
Like a dream.

So even as the twilight slips from sight
And as the morning brings an end to night
Much good fades from the world without a fight
Like a dream.

- Bluebell