A Lament for Boromir

Oh Boromir! Boromir!
So sore a trial!
Tho' strong be men
The peril they find
They cannot fight
They cannot even see.
Ah! They may fight
And they may see,
But Boromir! Boromir!
She said to you
What the strongest of men
Shall never forget.
the peril you found
In the wood
Was only what
Had already been
Brought to light.
Boromir, alas, Boromir.
A grievous turn
To take, for one
Who may have lived yet
To honor and glory.
But you were silently
Giving in. And to your undoing.
O! Treacherous thing!
But that which destroys
Was not seen,
Was not fought
In your heart.

- Bluebell