Separations in Gondor: First of the Ship-Queens
- Beruthiel

Cast adrift on the windy Bay of Bêl
Famed for treachery of currents swift.
With prophesy the sails began to swell
And gulls bemoaned the royal rift.

Much more than tears were on her mind
No longer feigning salty fears.
The Dome of Stars to steer her roving kind
Forever fading Gondor's shouts and sneers.

This Numenorean was black of heart and kohl
Twisting her sculptures beneath the yews.
Rejecting queen and mother as her role
While plying cats for scanty Umbar news.

It's said she hated ornaments and rings
Which looking back, may make her wise.
Indeed was stricken from the Book of Kings
But cats still gazed with loyal eyes.