Honey Pho Soup

- Beruthiel
For a tale of changing fur
Block out all that's modern din
Picture you're a voyager
In the wilds and without inn
Some of you have shortish kin
Magic heads your handpicked team
Sharing friends both thick and thin
Honey, bread and clotted cream.

Goblins in the mountains stir
Leader's death a mortal sin
Howling hate for little cur
Plotting most unpleasant fin
Fortune's spared the violin
Often part of Tolkien's scheme
Baddies choose to save their skin
Honey, bread and clotted cream

Giant man, a beastly blur
Grizzly when in form of twin
Builder of the Carrock spur
Humour there but bottled in
Gruesome hangs his nightly pin
Hinting of a distant scream
Guaranteed to make him grin
Honey, bread and clotted cream

Author's right to final spin.
Goodly in your wisdom deem
Dripping down that bearded chin
Honey, bread and clotted cream.