A Lament for Eregion

- Ben Hur

Eregion ... ere'gee-on (3 syllables; the 'g' is pronounced as in 'geek')
Celebrimbor ... kele'breemborr (4 syllables)
Annatar ... ann'natar (3 syllables)
Gwaith-i-Mírdain ... gwaith-i-meerdain (4 syllables)

A Lament For Eregion

O Eregion! O land of light!
Where shining jewels burned clear and bright,
Where works were forged of worthy cost,
Where beauty lived but now is lost.

O Celebrimbor! Silver-fist!
O greatest of the deft jewel-smiths!
Thy craftsmanship shone like the stars,
Thy fame was spread both near and far.

O Annatar! Thy name be cursed!
In evil thou wert full immersed,
And with deceit the Elves soon fell:
The Gwaith-i-Mirdain ‘neath thy spell.

O Eregion! In darkness wrapped:
Thy light extinguished, beauty sapped;
Only the stones now still lament
Thy passing from that land now bent.