A little melancholy passage for a starry night

I was born and raised in an innocent land of hazy summertimes.
My early years enlightened me to both joy and sorrow.
The stories of my elders enthralled me and my heart longed for adventure.
But when adventure found me I wished it gone.
I saw friends fall to both ancient horrors and temptation and I dared not imagine in which the danger lay more.
I shared a quest with many different companoins, wisdom, bravery, innocence, loyalty and deceit.
I travelled a road few would dare and none could forsee.
My journey's end, my saviour and undoing.
I saw a land born anew yet sadder than before.
The weary heart of that age was joined with mine and I left more behind than I could bear.
I rest now and hope to heal with the aid of my dearest friends, all exept one.
He lives the life now I wish for him, and perhaps for myself, long ago.

- Baron Wilderness