Things that Grow

Extremely early Samwise Day Poem: my fellow writer couldn't wait that long. I wrote it with my five-year old godchild and fellow Ringer, PippinsPrecious (he wanted his own nickname when he found out I had one). I intend to write another one for (and with) him involving Pippin (his idol) as well. But we wrote this when we found out about Samwise Day. When I told him that was going to be in April, he refused to wait that long and wanted me to post it NOW! - Feb. 2003

The greatest beauty ever seen
Lies right here in the garden green
The greatest joy I'll ever know
Is to look at things that grow

But the fairest flowers that I see
Are those in the eyes that smile at me
I smile back at her and I know
For her I make the flowers grow.
- Avondster & PippinsPrecious