The Rope

LotR Object: Sam's Elven rope

She only gave me a piece of rope
While we received our parting gift
But Legolas, he got a bow
To shoot the Orcs with, smooth and swift

But I just got this piece of rope
Not special, though it is quite fair
But nothing compared to Gimli’s gift
He got some of the Lady’s hair!

And I have only got this rope
Nothing fancy to impress
Those two big Men, look what they’ve got!
Shiny things to add stature to their dress

But me, I’ll have to do with rope
In battle, that won’t save my life
Those two young Hobbits got it right
Wish I had such a pretty knife

But nooo, Sam Gamgee, you have rope
That does not even give you light
Mr. Frodo’s got a glowing phial
That’s nice, now he can read at night

I only got this piece of rope
To take wherever I will go
I’ll keep it in my bag, mind you
It could be useful still, you know!

- Avondster