A Poem for Gandalf

This one comes from my own collection "A Smile Says More Than A Thousand Words". I originally wrote it as a poem dedicated to my father, but I changed a few words and voila! It kind of resembles the feeling I have watching the first scene with Gandalf and Frodo in FOTR.

Standing on the sun-stained grass
I look upon a grey old man
Laughing as he looks into my eyes
How I've longed to see this face again

Overwhelmed with joy, I jump
Into a warm old friend's embrace
He laughs out loud and strokes my hair
A broad smile spreads across my face

His cloak smells of the outside world
Of wonderful places yet unseen
Adventures like in Bilbo's tales
Tell me friend, where have you been?

My eyes shine as I hold him near
Gandalf, I'm so glad you're here.
- Avondster