Don't Go

What else can I do but look at you?
Resting in my arms
At the way you’ve captured heaven in your face
Your tired body is peacefully sleeping
So tangible and so near

But yet, I feel a distance between us
There’s something you’re not telling me
There’s something that you’re hiding
You’ve changed, you’ve aged
Did you really think you could hide that?

There’s an invisible wall that separates us
I walk into it, but you keep on going
I struggle, but cannot go further
I call out for you, but you don’t hear me
You’re too far away

I remember though, not long ago
Your clear voice singing songs
But there is no more room for songs anymore
In your sad and troubled mind
I wonder if there ever will be

‘You will not understand’ you say
‘You know nothing about it’
Not unless you tell me
Please allow me to help you
Do not lock me out

Master, don’t go where I can’t follow
- Avondster