Serenity burning, like warm golden oil
The falling soul transparent aloft
Heart in the canopy, feet in cool soil
Soothed then released by harmonies soft.

Knotted and plaited, twisted, distressed
Armies with branches embracing the land
Gnarled and ancient true to the test
Cursing their roots holding fast in the sand.

Crawling and creeping and clawing the stone
And earth cool and quiet and too sweetley rank
All standing together but ever alone
Down in the deep darkest dank.

The fragrance of ages crawls quietly inside
And whispers and mutters of things never seen
Living with memories of all who have died
Carpeted thickly with moss darkly green.

Burning with knowledge and never diminished
Galadriel glistens with stars in her hair
Singing the history and tales not yet finished
Slender silk robes blowing soft in the air.

Unspoken unbroken the spells of the past
Borne of the mirror conceved in reflection
Reminding and binding from whence they were cast
Coil at her feet in resplendant perfection.

Dripping and trickling cascading down
Droplets and rivvlets pool and then fade
Splashing and washing their way over ground
Returning to river where voice they heard call.

- Aussie Hobbit