A Dream of Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood

I know it's true I've never seen your face before,
Your eyes would burn my memory like embers,
You're deeper than the ocean,
And your poetry in motion
Brings me to the notion you are of
The world the world remembers.

There hasn't been a moment yet in all my life,
When I've been so near to perfect peace well captured,
Yet here you are standing there,
The answer to a forest's prayer
A flash of light a breath of air are you
And here I stand, enraptured.

Throughout the ages rumours told of folk like you,
The ones who loved the Earth in all her glory,
Beings formed of perfect light,
Make mornings out of darkest night
Bring tears upon their very sight and now I know
It wasn't just a story.

My fear is that I'll only know you in this dream,
I want you in my world - perhaps it's selfish,
I dream of having elvish grace,
A world that is an elvish place
A smile upon an elvish face, a dream
I dream a dream that's elvish.

Years may pass 'til I might take a breath again,
This vision burned my memory like embers,
You're older than the oldest tree,
You're beauty deeper than a sea
You're my heart the day that it's set free, you are of
The world the world remembers.

You are of
The world the world remembers.

- Aussie Hobbit