Song of the Ainur

In the ages of mountains
The mysts of time silent ran
‘Til the streams gave voice to the valleys
And the melodies began.

Dreams flowed down from the cliff tops
And gathered pure voice in the springs
Welled up like tears overflowing
Blessing the earth as she sings.

River ferried the song of time
And in the wind new lilts conceived
‘Neath the earth silent music prayed
And seed and root in song believed.

Raindrops as one celebrated
In playful duets to the sea
And sacrificed to the chorus
Lost in sublime harmony.

Sacred the sea made her music
Enchanted the shore sang along
And from the clay came the voices
And from the waves came the song.

O’ fleeting the aires of the Ocean
Untethered the sirens of land
For we only remember the echoes
And the mark of the wave on the sand.

- Aussie Hobbit