Pippin's Scarf

LotR Object: The scarf Pippin wears in the movies

I started out life as a skein of yarn;
Crafted in secret in the loft of a barn.
I was a gift to Pippin from Pearl, his sister;
Her labour o'er me caused her fingers to blister.

She presented me to him on a cold winter's day;
"This will keep you warm when you go out to play!"
He didn't like my color; I saw the look in his eyes.
But he loves his sister, and hates it when she cries.

One day Pippin took me and draped me over his shoulder.
"I'd better take this scarf, for when the weather gets colder."
When the weather gets colder? Are we going to travel?
Pippin checks my ends: "Hm, they begin to unravel."
Don't leave me behind! Take me with you!, I plead.
"It reminds me of home." Pippin sighed, "That I need."

I was splattered with mud and soaked with snow!
How I managed to stay tied, I'll never know.
Caradharas' fierce wind cut through me like shears
Outside the caves of Moria, I helped dry Pippin's tears.

From the Shire to Gondor, Pippin wore me each day;
I helped warm and comfort him every step of the way-
Save for his time in the guard; I was forsaken for armour
He looked ever so splendid- Pippin was quite the charmer!

As we journeyed toward home, Pippin donned me once more
And smiled, "Pearl's Scarf did the trick, that's for sure."
I am only a scarf; though no glorious tales I tell
My job was to protect Pippin, and I served him well.