I Remember

I remember …
the taste of food;
the sweetness of strawberries and the deep earthiness of a good ale.

the feel of water;
of raindrops softly touching my face and the warmth of a hot bath.

the sound of wind;
the soft rustle of leaves in a soft breeze and the whistling howl of a raging storm.

I remember the trees, the grass, the flowers, the moon and the stars.

I remember the Brandywine, the Woody End, and The Water running through the mill at Hobbiton.

I remember the Shire,
though I’ve left it far behind.

I remember …
being wounded by knife and sting and tooth.
the weight of the burden that I carried so long.
the dark and emptiness when the burden was gone.

I remember the hurt and the pain, but I no longer feel them; they’re just memories now.

I remember the Ring,
and I’ve left it far behind.