Elrond’s Crown

LotR Object: Elrond's crown

I lie in swirling Celtic knotworks upon his furrowed brow from many autumns past.
No rest for his weary head as he hears the endless debates of this simple band whose Terrors are far from simplicity and mortal comprehension.
“I have not the strength.”
He realizes the shadow from the Ring creeping like spilt ink onto the hearts of the Council waiting to stain them with it’s darkness and evil.
“…to walk into peril...”
Dwarves, Elves, Men…His temples tense while trying to retain the Elvish regalness of his ancestors.
He knows it can’t stay in Rivendell.
He knows it can’t travel over the Sea.
 It must be destroyed…
“…to Mordor.”
And the Elves will diminish in its destruction…
“We must send the ring into the Fire.”
Loud silence fell upon the Council,
Even after all the loud prejudices,
Even after all the shrieking bickering,
Even after the noon-bell,
Until Frodo spoke…
“I will take the ring though I do not know the way.”
And somehow, Elrond felt a deeper darkness drape over him like a wraith.
Such a small thing,
Such a little thing,
Is willing to bear the burden of such a great evil encapsulated
In such a small ring.
“This task is appointed for you, Frodo; and that if you do not find a way, no one will.”
I can sense his brow crease under such a weight of fleeting immortality.
Evil may be destroyed; however, the power of the elves will wane as well…
Wane into mortality.
What is death like?
What does it mean to truly die?…
Seeing the Company finally setting out, he lifts his royal head to gaze at them knowing What will lie in front of them.
With a stately tone, he utters:
“May the stars shine upon your faces.”
But sees them fall in their eyes as well as his own.
And he knows,
Without song,
Without laughter,
Without revelry,
The elves will diminish into the dusk.
Without a sound.
Without a word.

(Quotes are from The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R.Tolkien. “The Council of Elrond”)