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Is ingóle tuilo !

No telda larca rosse olosse-telmisse,
minya salqer costan tiëorya tere is ninqe fàna,
o lhoda mi laure cala yúlawe Anaro.
Talafe sinyan galo ammenesse.
Ta ea iëstet heithó ilu naiceon, ve salqer acáriëlle.

Hilya fàna brili erya vantatuc wenya,
ilye vinya colored cuivear hilya erya hrívelóre.
Alataire fainawe coloredon i ea mîlui entenne o vanya ilye naiceo.

Mîlui lammar hórhenior ar is lúcenwe linde autegirya vinya ambarro.
I ambarasse valaina usqe ótúlya,
tenna aqa alma nause, un yarya hóno.

I ea ilye melmme ar harmalme.
I ea is ingóle tuilo !

Translation :


The Magic of Spring !

Below the last, slowly melting bonnets of snow,
the first grasses force their way through the cool white,
to be bathed in the golden light of the glowing sun.
By that something grows in us.
It's the longing to liberate ourselves from all our troubles,like the
grasses have done.

After the green already covered the white crystals,
all the other colors also become awake after their hiberation.
So there arises a sea of gleaming colors which helps us to forget all our grief.

Lovely sounds float around and the charming melodies take us with them into
another world.
In this world we are accompanied by the the heavenly fragrances of the
till the feeling of the complete happiness fills our heart.

That is what we all love and appreciate.
That's the Magic of Spring !