- ArwenGermany

Atalan Anar órien, mussea calanen gael cant o ilquen olve lúciere ar ulunde-on rosse-limba fainarove mirilye míri.
Hyelle-tercenye limba, i himyan erin lassi, vanyan ó-is Anar ar luhtan sinta lúme an samine calina lanneanen, i olvi echor qanta ar ilya ar erya mîlui an melin deri thio.
Atalan sina hwesta on fána orhenio, olvi fainan mi calta colored.
Aure entu cenedhrilien am faiwe macsa lassi ar athalan colored, i hón qatien ammen alassenen.
Erin sinye coloredien helle mi lauca colored-lamma ar olvi cáran mi Alataire melima culuina alamma-on, tenna yúlanwe Anar onlelyan erin ríma.
En túlien núra moreo mornie, i topan morna mordoanen.
Minei ehtele-cala ean mirilyan elen helleasse ar Ithil i thilio-alina thîran-ro vórorien-on meme mirilye marilla.
Tere mussea súre falmarien palath aelin ar caitan calina telenma nûd, i túlien-on cala Ithil ar hastorien-on falma, thio thîrian liltan an lindele esce lassi súreassen.
Sina lussan túre veo lathronien tenna gorothien arin ar hoeno entu rindeiôr-on.


When the sun rises, she conjures with her gentle light a glimmering cape around every plant and makes a wave of dewdrops shine like glittering diamonds.
The crystal-clear drops, which cling up to the leaves, evaporate with the help of the sun and are transformed, because of that, into a silky shining veil, which wraps the plants completely up and thereby seems to embrace them lovingly.
When this breath of white vanishes, the plants begin to beam in the brightest colors.
The sunlight is reflected on the tender leaves and stengthens the colors which fill ourselves with a naive serenity.
In the evening the sky changes into a warm hue and the plants are dipped into a sea of romantic red-orange tones, till the glowing sun sinks on the horizon.
The the deep black of the night comes which covers the plants with matt shadows.
The only sources of light are the twinkling stars in the sky and the moon, which shines so bright as if it includs the light of thousands of these sparkling pearls.
Because of the gentle wind the surface of the lakes ripples and there is a light silver stripe, which comes from the light of the moon and which is broken by the waves, so that it seems as if it dances to the music of the rustling leaves in the wind.
You canlisten to this whispering until dawn breaks and the cycle starts again.