An Elvish Poem

- ArwenGermany

Anna helleo
Ilye ean silivren, thiran ve aure hyarin ilquen brilnen.
Ilye thio senda, on silma irimarie ean untupe cuile.
Minei enyalan, ean wenyao olvi, i hotuli on mirilye olosse-telmi.
Fanya erumen la-larca hoeno entu nieninqi, o aqan fana olo egor helmasse yulan.
Atalan i caran ente,
atalan brili ermas antan o euvalmelva,
inga o-helc niqe qatanslva, menesse erin rossen o-lva, na au-ni tennoio laucien indoassen.

A present from heaven
Everything glitters white, as if every single crystal would refract the sunlight in a different way.
Everything seems to be quiet, the life covered under white gleaming beauty.
The only thing that remember, is the green of the plants that flashes under the sparkling bonnets of snow.
Slowly the snowflakes begin to leave the clouds again in order to complete this white dream or to burn out upon our skin.
When they do this,
when the crystals sacrifices their complex shape in order to let us become a part of this blessing,
it fills us with an icy coldness at first, on the places where it has merged with us, but from there till ever with warmth in our hearts.