Frodo's inner thoughts:

- Arwenbloomer

Sudden fear is never felt
until i see my self alone
standing on a road of dust
thinking only of my home

I face a battle beyond my will
i kneel and beg for an end
I need my angels my hero
I need a place to mend

My soul no longer feels whole
my eyes see nothing but dismay
I want to crawl inside myself
please peace do not delay

Let the skys be filled with blue
please carry me away my ranger
I need a soft voice to claim my soul
take me far from this evil danger

Let birds that chirp full and free
take me home to ale and song
no more the thunder and the screams
this journey has become too long

i rest my head before another day
i know the same battle will wait
tommorow if my prayers are answered
my angels will control the fate

home i will be safe and sound
no more evil attached to me
laughing and dancing my tears away
if only my heart's wish could be