Ode to a Beautiful Adventure

My dreams step on beyond my door,
Left home and home life far behind,
And at my back the pages turn,
Stained with travels of the mind.

No map I bring, nor cloak, yet none,
Nor walking stick, nor sword,
But fear not for the misty path
Leads on where I have been before.

Oh twine those words around my ears,
My eyes, that I may see
The shimm'ring vales of Lorien
And the close and curious Bree.

For I have smelt the musky grave
Of Balin, and I hear
The shouts of Gondor- battles raging,
Felt the rocks tremble as orcs draw near.

I was there, here by his side,
When Isildur challenged the Dark Lord's fate,
I have marched with the Ents, sung with the Elves
And fought my way out from behind the Black Gate.

Could I, perchance, my life have spent
In bookish realm, and not in this,
And hide myself amongst the phrases
Betwixt "The End" and Appendix.

Or perhaps its the fate of adventurous hearts
To walk wond'ring minds 'long Caradhras,
My sense (on one side) in the physical world,
But my soul on the magical side of the pass.

- Ardulin Brooks