Aragorn at the River

Noble man and gaze for too
Across a sparkling indecision
Anduin, flowest thou true?
Across my land with royal precision,
Yonder East to cataclism,
Yet North hath sprung from old mysticism.
Which path marketh my path anew?

Loyal man and quest for too.
Flow rapidly in one direction.
Anduin, flowest thou true?
Ringed fate towards sure damnation,
Fellowship cleaved for incarceration,
Sworn protector 'gainst men's insurrection.
Can thou not flow as paths were two?

Final gaze and man for too,
River runs as day doth grow.
But to which destiny will it flow?
Hath trial o'er rapids proved thy heart worthy?
Hath sun, rain, and storm proved thy blood stury?
Through darkness, temptation, still must it flow!
But will it run deep, whither it go?
Mortal or savior
Savior or king
King or myth...
Brave legend incarnate, in man made new,
Anduin, thou flowest true.

- Ardulin