Through Corn and Wood We Go

We cross the Shire
The sun on our faces
We are on our way
To far-away places.
Across the plains
And over the hills
Steering clear of the road
Going through corn fields.
And just as we thought
Nothing bad could happen
Out of the maize
Came Merry and Pippin.
They were suprised
To see us there
Lifting crops, they were
Without a care.
Then all of a sudden
We heard Maggot's dogs.
We ran and then stumbled
Like tumbling logs.
"A shortcut," said Merry
As Sam began to fume.
"A shortcut to what?"
Pippin exclaimed "Mushrooms!"
As I stood there watching
The mushrooms were picked,
And I felt evil draw near...

"Get off the road! Quick!"
Sheltered by tree roots
Off the side of the road
A black rider approached.
What did this forebode?
Once he was gone
We fled through the wood
Merry asked "What was that?"
He knew 'twas not good.
"We must leave the Shire.
We must get to Bree."
Merry said "Bucklebury Ferry...
Follow me!"

"And the road goes ever on..."

- Aragorn Lover 1981