- AnnaEstel & Daughter of Kings

A long day's work is over, and our second supper’s done,
And we relax into the evening with the setting of the sun
Parents round the children up and chase them to their beds
As we sit and watch the smoke rings drift around each other’s heads.
I watch the sparkling Water as the sun goes down in fire.
There is nothing quite so lovely as a sunset in the Shire.

A grim road lies behind us, with Black Riders giving chase,
And Aragorn to lead us in that grueling, desperate race,
But now we rest in quiet here, protected by these walls,
For Elrond will not suffer having evil in his halls.
We rest and we recover, and soon we will be well,
For wholesome is the sunset that we watch from Rivendell.

A dear old friend is lost and gone; we're barely on our way.
In this wilderness where will we find a place to stay?
The High Elves offer safety high up in the Mallorn trees
Where elanor and niphredil scents drift upon the breeze.
Yes, evenings in this wood bring hope to burden-laden friends.
And so we watch the sun set here in fair Lothlorien.

A new day dawns in Lorien as we prepare to go;
With elven gifts in elven boats we'll follow Anduin's flow.
We feel the growing darkness as we pass the Argonath
And hope the running river hides us from the Dark Lord's wrath.
My eyes begin to water as the land lights up in fire,
And I pray for a return to peaceful sunsets in the Shire.

The company has parted, now we’ve gone our separate ways.
And none of us knows what we'll find in our remaining days.
We’ll hold on tight to times we knew, of fellowship and bliss,
And fight our separate battles in defense of all of this.
Dragged along by Uruk-hai through three long days and nights
To Fangorn’s edge – no sunset there to gladden us by sight.

Then unexpected friend is found, to aid us in our need!
Treebeard sings to us of trees he’s known from nut and seed.
The Entmoot lasts for ages – “Don’t be hasty, Master Merry” –
But war is come upon us all; there isn’t time to tarry!
The Ents will march on Isengard, to wash away the blackened stain
Of Saruman ere one more sun sets on the ruined plain.

Old friends well met, and new ones, and to Theoden I kneel
To offer sword, and service, and the filiel love I feel.
Then, to Gondor! Now with Eowyn (in disguise), I ride.
We couldn’t stay in safety, while our friends all fought and died.
If the darkening clouds of Mordor stain Ecthelion's white spire
It may well spell the end of charming sunsets in the Shire.

The army of our foe so large our charge will never breach it;
The Gate so near and yet so far, how will we ever reach it?
The fell beast lands to foul my King, but Eowyn protests –
And (with my aid) this Lord of Wraiths, she with her sword then bests.
We rode onto the battlefield with the coming of the dawn
But as the golden sun sets here, I mourn my liege, now gone.

The ride to the Black Gate is one of sorrow, doubt and fear;
I can’t help but wonder what dark fate has led me here.
The signs that we are given make my heart tremble with dread,
For by them we are certain now that Frodo is long dead.
Then we see the Eagles flying high, and hope to us this gives.
Before the crimson sun has set, we know that Frodo Lives!

At long last home and (broken heart) the Party Tree is gone!
I see there’s still much work to do before our task is done.
Our bunch of sturdy Hobbits show the bully who is boss
And then begin the process of recovering from our loss.
The Water is calm and clean again, reflecting the sun’s fire
As through the Mallorn tree I watch the sunset in the Shire.

We've read the books and seen the films - we know the peril's dire -
Still our hearts' wish is just to watch one sunset from the Shire.