Second born:
Less loved
less respected
less favoured.
An afterthought
if thought of
at all.

Second best:
A brother
most beloved
most powerful
most prideful.
A brother seeking glory
to shine
against darkness
that covers the land.

Second place:
Knowing the past
troubled with riddling dreams of the future.
Seek an answer
but even chances that are yours
are given to he
who is

Second thought:
An order not obeyed
a choice made
a weapon not claimed
a gift not taken.
A treasure left
On the side of the road.

Second guess:
Seared by a father’s scorn
stung by his judgement
that you disappoint afresh.
Silenced by his mistrust,
still you seek to please
to honour your duty.
Sent forth for nought
hope fails

Second chance:
Unbeatable numbers
unwinnable battles
unreasonable demands
undelivered promises.
A pain
a love
too late to

Second at arms:
The king returned for his throne
the house returned to power
the rule to be surrendered
the usurper to be received.
Blood of old accepted
blood of new unshed.

Second wind:
Awaken to a nightmare
of death of the family
of defeat by an unquenchable foe
of loss of all that is dear.
Again left behind
yet there in the garden
a snowdrop slowly blushes
in the warmth of hope
of tender spring
of sweet love.

to none
in a shield maiden’s heart.
- Anborn1