The Lament of Aredhel


I don't know if all of you know who Aredhel is, but she was the Elven sister of Turgon who dwelt in Gondolin for a while. She grew weary of its light, and left that fair city. While wandering in the woods of Nan Elmoth, she met the Dark Elf Eol who shunned the sun. He forced her to marry him. After years of regret and pain, Aredhel took her son Maeglin with her and fled to Gondolin from Eol. Here is her lament for having left Gondolin.

Oh Gondolin! How pale and fair!
Refuge of strength, free from despair!
What led me from thy sunny glades?
Where once I danced on lawns unfading
Thy towering pinnacles, glimmering light
Thy everlasting towers, jeweled in white
While quiet fell the flowing fountains
In the shade of surrounding mountains.
Glittering ivory, on a field of green,
The light of which has never been seen
On this fair earth, east of the Sea!
From Exile now to you I flee.
Oh land of blessedness, of shining towers,
What led me from thy peaceful flowers?
I long to see you after countless years
For my days have passed with mournful tears.
And in your light I will dance again
And forget those years of untold pain.