Found Poetry by Anarelen

Words by JRRT from The Two Towers.


Samwise Gamgee
My dear hobbit.

Sam, my dearest hobbit
Friend of friends.

I do not think
We need give thought
To what comes after this.

What hope is there,
That we shall see the end?

As they stumbled along,
In the dark for oh so long,
Or so it seemed to tired hobbit feet.

As night drew to its end,
The sky grew faint,
With the first grey of morning,
But clouds were over moon and star.

Sam restrained his thoughts,
From rope and sword, and
Sat down at his master’s feet.

He took his master’s hand,
And bent it over.
He did not kiss it,
Though his tears fell upon it.

Samwise Gamgee, my dear hobbit.
- Anarelen