My Last Kiss

- AlatarielElfQueen

Dark has become the sky
Foul has become the air
The truth has become a lie
Dirty has become all that was fair

Yet hope remains with me
For this is my land too
You must go on the ship now said he
Come to shores anew

Do I leave the Earth to it's fate?
Do I leave everything I love?
Do I fight at the Black Gate?
Or sit here restlessly and wait?

Do I remain loyal to my kin?
Or restore my faith in a new race?
For in the race of men,
Lies my true love, and I long to see his face

No, I cannot leave him
I choose a mortal life
The light will no longer be dim
I will become his wife

I'm sorry Father
I must do this
I'll never forget you
Here's my last kiss