Where Have You Gone?

‘Where have you gone?’

I am at a loss; how can this be?
All had seemed so fine
As one by one they came to me.

We laughed and cried; we drank and sighed.
All ends were tied
Yet -- one had died.

I didn’t notice it at first
For all was joy, not shame.
My heart so filled with wonder,
Perhaps I’m not to blame.

Gandalf alive -- it cannot be! I saw him fall! Dead was he!
Yet now he stands -- a firm, strong tree,
To beam with joy as he looks at me.

My heart is full; I cannot speak.
The road goes ever on
With him, adventures I would seek.

Then Merry comes and Pippin too.
New courage fills these friends of old.
How glad to see that they came through!
Can this be them -- once not so bold?

On that dark road -- seems long ago,
They showed their love; they wouldn’t let go.
A strong love forged between us so from this day on, together we go.

Sam -– where is Sam? Ah, here he stands.
The one who brought me sanity;
The one who brought me through these lands.

I cannot speak; my mouth is dry;
His love for me – I wonder why?
I had no clue this gardener shy
Would save the Quest -- and I.

Death was there; despair was too.
I fell, but he – he always knew
That come what may, the end was true.

What brought me back? His hope, his love, his call;
‘Twas not myself but Sam –- dear Sam
Who won the Quest for all.

Gimli, dwarf of strength,
Strides through the door
And I would hug him

He stood by me in darkest hall;
Though fear was there he did not fall.
His axe was true; he stood quite tall.

Sweet prince of Mirkwood, dare I say
How much he meant to me
On that dark day?

His arrows true;
His friendship new.
Wargs and Orcs would run; he slew
All that would come against this crew.

Elessar, Aragorn, Strider; no name can tell the tale
Of one so kind, so brave, so dear.
A rascal once, but soon a King in Gondor’s mail.

From depths of darkness to light of day
He fought, he cried, and come what may
A crown awaits his head to weigh.

Where is he? There once were nine.
I look beyond them all.
My friend –- of him there is no seeing.
They wonder at the question;
But it fills my very being.

Has sanity fled from this room?
Or have they all forgotten
A man so valiant and fair who came to us so filled with need?
Gondor was saved, but -- where is he?

He sought me not, yet fate decried
That at his hand, my doom would lie;
It was his actions brought sense to me
And now he lies beneath the sea.

Ah, Boromir, my friend!
Would that I could spend
A moment mourning your sad end.

A poem to write, a song to sing
Of Boromir, my friend, and me.

Anything to ease this greatest loss
Of friend, forgiven, at such a cost.

Where have you gone?

- Agape4Rivendell