Lesson Learned in Rohan

I find that I am one with Sam
As he watched the elves depart
But another scene - it ‘makes me cry’
It ever tears my heart.

Gandalf & Pippin leaving
Merry runs to follow
If only with his eyes
Blurred - he will not wallow

In the pain that breaks his heart
For evil flies by day
His friend must now depart
No other way they say.

It breaks my heart this friendship
So deep so strong so wide
Aragorn has joined it too
He will not leave him high and dry.

So there upon the parapet
The two of them do stand
And watch the backs of friends most loved
As they cross Rohirrim land.

I’ve friends like that myself, I know
Upon this board, this hallowed place
And I would have them know for sure
That if ONE left without a trace

The loss would be profound

So do not tarry, lurk, nor hide
For strength is here and love
Do not despair – your friends are here
We wait upon the parapet - in love.

- Agape4Rivendell