Gandalf's Lament

How does one ever say goodbye?
How many have I sent to their deaths?
I sit – alone – a solitary death knell rings in my ears.

Some believe I feel no pain
Some believe I am cold, hard
How does one fight the forces of evil
And be hard?

It is with the heart
Only the heart can battle evil
Ever hope to triumph.

Triumph - That word echoes hollow
As I sit on this stoop
In this once fair city
Knowing death stalks her sons

My eyes are open yet see nothing
My ears only hear the bell
My limbs are weak with horror

Man surprises me
There seems no rhyme nor reason
In their thoughts or their actions
I wonder and am stilled

I pull my cloak about me
My hand touches the elven broach
There is strength there - But none for me

My eyes stretch beyond this alley
My ears stretch beyond this place
Is there hope left for any?
Is there hope left for me?

- Agape4Rivendell