In Fair Lothlorien

I have been here for many ages
Watching over the land and the river
The birds and the beasts.
In silence and in symphony.

My King and Queen deigned
To build their home amongst my branches.
Fair and kind, they drew strength from me
And I from them.

We have seen much, together
A forest on the left turn from golden to shade
A city before us slowly crumbling
A forest to our right bereft of its Ent wives.

And to the north, the mountains,
Smashed by the Valar,
Still hide creatures foul and dark
And harboured one beyond all evil.

That evil, spreading, touches all.
I had not seen it, in my youth.
Only merry Elves comprised my days
Their touch upon my bark brought joy.

She thinks to leave me
To return to the West.
I would bid her go, for her sake,
But my leaves will fall and not return.

My heart, my Queen would break.

- Agape4Rivendell