- Agape4Rivendell

I watch but no one sees
How long have I stood here
Breeze blowing in my hair
Eyes bedazzled by Anor?

I watch and see them
Whom I love beyond endurance
Walking the Circles
Faces animated, joy-filled.

I watch and feel the loss
I think this time was meant to heal
Me of so many things
Entwined with these two.

I watch engulfed in sorrow
My brother, my captain, my king
Walks beside my brother, my heart
Tearing me apart.

Why am I here on the battlements
I cry out in pain and anguish to the
Valar who do not hear me just as
Those in my City do not see me?

I am no longer able to defend them
Seeing all the ruin about me
I cannot lift a finger to correct
To succor nor to heal.

I am unseen
I am dead
I am gone from their thoughts
And I am devastated.

But does the City live
Though the Circles bear scars and
Wounds from the battle
Wounds such as I have felt?

My people fill Isildur’s Square
Surround a covered statue
My breath taken from me as my brother
Pulls the wrapping away.

I am not forgotten.
In that moment’s space I see
Love and honor and forgiveness
And I am free to rest.