Boromir's Will

- On'ono Laivindur
a messenger sent
for wisdom sage
a confusing dream
set the stage
the younger would go
the eldest went
a steward aged
his will was wrent
long rider lone
his horse was lost
seek the broken sword
at whatever cost
the council held
a halfling stood
a bane revealed
he understood
gondors help
he pledged it fast
the company set out
for rohan's pass
evil befell
hope was lost
past ice and shadow
at great cost
bereaved and hurt
to woodland realm
follow the river
homeward bound
men are weak
and overtaken
Boromir's Will
was briefly shaken
twenty or more
fell by his hand
he stood his ground
for the halfling band
he fell in battle
for him they sang
floating past home
no trumpets rang
only his horn made it home
sundered a twain
never more to blow
sword arm of gondor
we will ever sing
by your honor and valor
you inspired a king