- On'ono Laivindur 03/2004


I still wander alone midst the trees
Almost an Age has past since I played here as a child
Father is kind and so my friends
I am allowed to do as I please

You are most beautiful, they say
No enamored Elf to me a suitor belongs
Father says have patience my daughter
You will marry a king one day

If I am so fair then why do I cry
Beauty is not what I feel in my heart
Fathers’ love is all that I’ve known
Would that, beauty, reflect in my lovers’ eye

Today is my future seen
A Man so young, handsome and strong
Father let him stay, has won my heart
Estel, Hope, the son of Gilraen


Hidden have I grow in Rivendell
Twenty years alone, then Arwens beauty did see
Mother, her light shines in my heart as seasons wax and wane
I am drawn away to Gondor, Ecthelions’ servant Thorongil

In the service of the Steward learning the ways of men
Battles fought and hunting trails hone my woodland skill
Mother, solitude is my way and I know that I must go
Evil grows in the east, my ancestral claims worry them

To be a the king, why do I fear
The lineage long has been my bane
Mother, I want none of this, it is only but a name
My brothers of the north could do this it is clear

Today is my future seen
I must wander midst the shadowed wood
Mother, your Hope, I’ll ‘ere remain
Seeking, solace and my peace far from The Anduin


Wind and rain atop this hill
Ever shall it be, for my brother and myself
Uncle, thank you for taking us and making us your own
Father and mother I see your face, I pray and love you still

The horse my friend, the livery my school
Eomer rides at will, but I must guard my hearts desire
Uncle, shall it ever be unfair, for me not to venture out
To brandish sword and carry spear, I hate my yarn and spool

The Orc attack, The Rohirrim ride, then why do I wait
With precision, form, and strength, I can wield a blade
Uncle, please let me ride out and defend The Mark with them
I can ride with both hands free, to slay the foe, before it is too late

Today is my future seen
Four travelers past the gate, boldly stride up to Edoras
Uncle, who is this man that takes my breath away
Now you see we can not stay, We ride to victory.