Well Met

- On'ono Laivindur

An Elrond meets Boromir Poem

I saw him riding, nearing my home, from Gondor’s realm far away.
This man, this prince, this captain-general, wants to hear what I shall say
I bid him enter my gathering hall and share with those who’ll meet
The Elves, the Dwarves, the Halflings, a Man, and a Wizard, Evil to defeat

I have traveled far across the plain and bring greetings from my land
The Steward, my father, of Gondor’s realm, and King Theoden extend their hand
The men of the south petition your Lord, wise counsel for the war
We cannot stand long, all alone, against the evil of Mordor

I must confess my brother and I, share a dream not understood
To seek the sword that was broken, Isildur’s bane, and the place where a Halfling stood
In all your years in Middle-Earth there is no being so wise
Please Lord Elrond, share with all men, how to overcome the darkening skies

Boromir, son of Denethor, in Imladris you shall hear
To defeat Sauron and his minions it all will soon be clear
Tonight be at rest, tomorrow you shall see your dream will be fulfilled
Your journey home won’t be alone, but blood it shall be spilled

You have great strength and courage as well. Your city shall not fall
You will be tested, your honor questioned, your horn it shall give call
Son of Man, you’ll defend them, before the end of what must be
Your heart is true, your path is set, and the returning King you’ll see.

Now go and rest, my home is yours, ask and it shall be given
Long was your journey, much was lost, along the way you’ve ridden

Thank you my Lord, I take my leave and shall do as you have bidden
I trust in your council and find strength in your words, and hope in what you envision

So was our meeting that first night before the council met
The Fellowship broke along the way and Boromir met his death
Sometimes I find it is a curse when the future things I see
But without Boromir there would have never been the returning of the King