Of Nienor and Turin

- On'ono Laivindur
Love's Paths, Wandering Souls

Wandering alone, in a wood unknown, as the animals do, undressed
Not mortal minded, thoughts non-existent, rain storms and winds, did press
Awoken in terror, strange beasts that surround, run away, trying to flee
Why do His eyes hold me still, what sounds, to my heart, brings me peace

She is most beautiful, to my heart she is bound, my soul captive, entwined
Slowly at first, later with speed, She understands, and speaks Her mind
I would have no other, Her heart opens to me, together we grow as one
A blessing, a marriage, a child comes one day, we both, hope for a son

A promise was made, n'er more to bear arms, I hope He will always be here
Our people grow strong, His leadership true, but strife, and of evil we hear
Some will go fight, some will remain, a Dragon has come, they all say
I know in my heart, together forever, the dream has passed, He's gone away

All these long years, we still share the tale, of a love that was not to be
How the Dragon, Glaurung, lied, and beguiled, hiding the truth, eyes did not see
When all was reveled, Nienor despaired, a child from her brother within
Leaped from the cliffs, down to crags and the river, n'er to be seen again

His fate it was sealed, the Dragon must die, a black sword, pierced to the heart
Turin, overcome by evil and pain, lay near, heard the tale, and His part
His sister he'd wed, no man could bear, a love lost, that should not have start
He leaned forward at last, remembering Nienor, a black sword, pierced to the heart.