Thankfulness of Tuor

- On'ono Laivindur 


Ulmo commands and I bow, fearful, heeding his desire
Armed with ancient weapons, hence shielded by the Swan
Sea birds cree and caw, upon failing winds, soaring higher
A lone wreck survivor, to me a guide, so he leads I follow on
Foreboding wonders, enthrall my dreams, sad tunes upon a lyre
Voronwe returns to Gondolin, and I with a message, for Turgon
Oh I desired to spend my days, listening to the sweet elvish choir
But with a handful of kin, saved from flames, the dream is gone
Thank the Valar, Idril and son Earendil were saved from that pyre


Thankfulness of Ulmo

I found you in the tears shed by Rian as she drew water from my well.
At my stream by the caves of Androth you prayed telling me your sad tale.
We were well met at the shore of my sea, as my messenger you journeyed far.
Thankfully, upon my waves, I bear your ship Earrame; Farewell Tuor of the Eldar!

(Note: It is said that Tuor was admitted to Eldamar, the only mortal Man to be numbered among the Eldar.)