True to Each Other

- On'ono Laivindur 8/5/05

Chapter IX - "The Last Debate"

The last debate, the forces divided; Minas Tirith now was hopelessly un-defended,
The Three Hunters and the White Wizard, ahead of Gondor’s Host, now befriended.

All hope for victory lay with Frodo and Sam against all odds in the Shadowland,
An impossible task, so Boromir deemed, to cast back the Ring, cut from Sauron’s hand.

Gandalf and Aragorn’s vision was clear; to draw the Eye to the threat far, from near,
At the Crossroads heralds and horns blew; The Lords Of Gondor Return, loud and clear.

The enemies scattered before the Rohirrim, Elrond’s Sons and their soldiers with them,
All now rested on Aragorn’s faith and strength and his love for two hobbits held within.

The final battle for Middle-Earth would surely see them all die,
But to each other they held true; For Frodo, was their battle cry.