Together but Alone

- On'ono Laivindur
Here now I sit, warming at the hearth,
Remembering the days;
You cared for Rosie, Elanor, and me,
As if we were your own;
And now we look in each other’s eyes,
Together but alone.

You and I started off on a sunny day.
There our childhood friends did meet,
Laughing along the way.
Over hill and dell, with Bombadil,
Where Goldberry sang so sweet.

Through days and nights and Barrow-wights,
The strange happenings at Bree;
How long the road in marsh and wood,
The Ranger in the lead;
With good ol’ Bill the bravest horse,
A hobbits ever seen.

On Weathertop we thought we’re safe,
You were stabbed by Morgul Blade;
The shadowy Wraith, came for the Ring,
And Aragorn joined the fray.

Past Bilbo’s Trolls we walked and camped,
On way to Rivendell.
To see the Elves!
My life long dream,
Wonderous stories to then tell.

With the help of the Elven King,
The poison in you slowed;
Beside your bed I sat and cried,
Together but alone.

At counsel closed, there you revealed,
The precious secret ring.
The task was laid upon you that day,
Destroy the Evil thing.

From the valley, to the mountains teeth,
The nine we walked along;
Turned back by cold, down we came,
To the doors of Durin’s hall.

Evil watched and we were trapped,
Into darkness we had strayed;
We ran, we fought, the Balrog came,
Gandalf barred the way.

He saved our lives but gave his own,
His light no more it shone;
There we held each other close,
Together but alone.

Aragorn led o’er glade and stream,
And finally up a tree;
Into the Lothlorien,
Galadriel to see.

Just one look into her mirror,
To you it was there shown;
The road went ever on and on,
Together but alone.

We all by boat, with oar in hand,
That enchanted land did leave;
And reflected on the precious gifts,
That each of us received.

Down the river Anduin and past the Gate of Kings,
The fellowship did sunder when you went away to think.
You tried to leave. I followed you.
We should have stayed at home.
Now here we are,
In Emyn Muil.
Together but alone.

So we walked, crawled and climbed,
And with no food to spare;
There we saw it slinker down,
Sniffing at the air.

We caught the little sneak,
That followed by the moon;
He led us on, and saved your life,
But you trusted him too soon.

To The Black Gate,
Through Gordors Realm;
We followed Gollum there,
A brace of coneys, an Oliphaunt!
And Faramir was there.

We travelled on to mountains steep,
And found the hidden stair;
Gollum set the trap, all stank and dark,
Lost in Shelob’s lair.

You unsheathed Sting,
The Lady’s Vial,
The Starlight how it shone!
Back to back we faced our foe,
Together but alone.

Out you raced, with me behind,
To kill Gollum, I dared;
And when you laid out in the cold,
The monster I did fight;
And set and cried, I thought it I,
Together but alone.

I followed you, an Orc’s great prize,
I Samwise The Brave;
I heard you cry, the Ring I tried,
And scared them into flight;
Over your things, they fought;
Those terrible Orcs,
They slew each other that night.

I held your head upon my breast,
And there my love declared;
Did you hear me, my dear master,
When I told you that I cared.

Dressed like little orcs,
And enlisted by them marched;
Deep into Mordor now we went,
Right up to Mount Doom’s porch

The final goal at last was clear,
That stinker barred the way;
I stood guard and off you went,
Into that horrid cave.

You almost failed,
Your journeys task;
The power was so great,
But good won out;
That stinker fell,
When on his oath did break.

I bound your wound,
And hurried down;
That terrible Mt. Doom,
We both thought it was the end;
Oh I wished we could see home,
There we laid hand in hand;
Together but alone.

With Gandalfs care, and in the air,
The eagles did us save;
The King was wed,
The Shire restored, to its former self;
All the gardens and new trees,
Were blessed by the Lady Elf.

We lived together for so long,
You sailed away today;
Merry, Pippin and myself,
Rode silent all the way.

Now I am rested,
Home at last;
The only thing to say,
That in my heart we will always be;
Together but alone.