Samwise the Brave

- On'ono Laivindur

With Mr Frodo gone, The Ring comes to me,
now I hear it's call, and my glory I see.
Middle-Earth will be ruled by Samwise the King,
and all people shall bow, before me and the Ring.
The world shall be green and fair, blooming with flowers,
all I must do is bid them grow, under sun and spring showers.

Wait a moment now Gamgee, you know that can't be true,
all gardens require sweat and toil, and patience from you.
Not is worth growing save it takes love and time,
the Ring is a liar with it's tales spun sublime.
Shove it deep in my pocket then, and out of my sight,
let us be rid of it, and for Mr. Frodo, continue the fight.

You know why Gandalf sent Sam with Frodo?
Because he is a Gardener!
as my old Gaffer says;

"If you sow and weed and see it through, a bountiful harvest comes to you."