Return O Wanderer

- On'ono Laivindur

The burning in my chest matched that of my hands and face;
Freezing snow and wind bit as hard in this flesh and it’s claws.
A cloak, just a mantle, to cover my spirit and it served me well;
Darkness and light, death and life, waxing and waning, I recede.
Have I gained the victory or lost the war? Success or failure, I wonder,
Heavy are my lids and pain seems distant now, songs of home call to me.

Return O Wanderer, your task yet done, the evil one yet lives
Return to those that by your design in danger wander near
Return with power and all that’s good in white array at last
Return to creation and the land and sea; the peoples, beasts and fowl
Return the King to rightful place and then Return in Peace