Pippin's Wish

- On'ono Laivindur
I know I should not cry;
thankfully the rains fall from the sky,
covering my grief and my shame;
I am not worthy to be a Thain.

Last in the line of three;
Samwise, Merry, and me,
riding home from the western shore;
not to see cousin Frodo anymore.

At the Green Dragon I'll always see;
our favorite table just set for three,
and remember forever more;
the times we shared, as four.

And now as we near home;
I'm glad I won't be alone,
I'll always have Merry with me;
and Sam, his daughter on his knee.

I wonder how Frodo will fare;
alone in a land with no care,
and dear uncle Bilbo too;
with no adventures or much to do.

Perhaps as time wains pass;
and we all grow old at last,
I wish again that it could be
Frodo, Sam, Merry, and me