Peregrin Took

- On'ono Laivindur
Aye twas a good life, full of adventures;
Oh that I was there again, with Merry a field,
Living off the land and enjoying it pleasures;
Playin’ and singin’ and drinkin our fill.

Ole Samwise was Mayor and Merry is gone;
Frodo’s face and voice I‘ve almost forgotten,
I canna smoke the weed, the years have gotten on;
My pipe is retired, how I miss the Longbottom.

Oh, a knock at the door! Please do come in;
Hello little children, yes a tale I will share,
Shall I tell you of The Ring and ensuing warfare?
Ah, you’ve heard it before, No; don’t go, please sit there.

They never stay long and I really don’t care;
Who am I kidding? It is all I can bear,
Bed ridden dying, dear old Elanor to wait;
On my pain and my suffering and doom pending fate.

My Merry was right, “You smoke too much Pippin”;
Now look where it’s gotten me, I’m weak as a kitten,
Samwise would tease me “You sound just like Gollum”;
But oh how I wish to taste Old Toby’s Longbottom.

Perhaps when the wee ones return tomorrow;
I’ll tell them a new tale of true pain and sorrow,
Maybe they will learn from this sick old hobbit;
Smoking and drinking don’t give life they rob it.

I will say, “Now listen to old Peregrin Took;
Put down that pipe and pick up a book,
Don’t fill your cup with barley and ale;
Live your adventures and make your own tales.”