Hobbit Friend

- On'ono Laivindur

Great-Great-Grandpa Gamgee loved and told of these open spaces
Fishing beneath these falls is my most favortists of places

Summer upon summer now we takes our limits of fishes
Sitting upon the riverbank just dreaming, making wishes

The biggest fish I ever saw, took my line ran and jumped
I stood and slipped on the bank and tumbled in with a thump

Loosing my grip on the pole the great fish jumped and spit my line
Stooping down to retrieve my gear there something below did shine

Round and shiny big and black what a wonder could this large thing be
I called my cousins, laughing on the shore, to come and assist me

We pulled and pried an hour or two until the treasure did yield
It took four hobbits all their strength to recover the mighty shield.

Drying our clothes on the riverbank we remembered our families history and lore
This must be taken to its rightful place to honor Boromir, Hobbit-Friend of Gondor